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Honeycomb paperboard slitting machine
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Honeycomb paperboard slitting machine

  • Shenxi

Product Description

This honeycomb paperboard slitting machine is used to Cut the honeycomb board into required size, this is the basic machine to convert the honeycomb panel into boxes, pallets. Etc.
Machine width varies from 1800-2800mm
Blades fixed in one shaft, two shafts, max. Four shafts, cut 30mm width honeycomb panel one time
Two slitting machine can also be connected together, workign in same pace and cut the honeycomb panel within 100X100mm.
Air cylinder lift up and down 

3.Technical data
No Item Spec. Remarks
1 Model BDFQJ-2500  
2 Width of passing paper board 2500mm  
3 Max. Board thickness: 100mm
4 Min. board length 600  
5 Speed of paper board 80-180m/min.  
6 No. Of  knives 4  
7 Min. Dividing width 130mm  
8 Diameter of  knife 350/380mm  
9 Thickness of blade 2mm  
10 Motor power 5.5kw, 380V/50Hz  
11 Balde sharpening Automatic sharpening  
12 Weight of machine 1200kg  


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