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High Quanlity Honeycomb Core Produce Machine
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High Quanlity Honeycomb Core Produce Machine


Product Introduction

1.1 Description

Shenxi Honeycomb Machinery Factory, supply full automatic honeycomb core plant. from width 1600-2500mm. The whole production needs 2-3 persons while operating. make the honeycomb core from 6-100mm thickness and production capacity  varies from 3-10 tons/ shift.  the honeycomb core produced by this machine can be used for honeycomb board laminating,  door filling, furnitures, display shred etc.

1.2.Supplying list




Paper   feeder 

1.The structure is double rotary shaft with four arms.   2. Hydraulic control for paper mill roller up-down,   clamp-open and centering. Max. 12MPa.

3.Effectivewidth:800=2000mm; max. paper roll diameter:   Φ1400mm.

honeycomb core machine


Paper   pre-heater

1.Consists of tension rollers with flexible spring   pressure applied on roller to adjust the paper tension automatically.

honeycomb core machine


Gluing   unit1

1.   5 layers of gluing unit in one station.

2. Gluing systemconsists: glue applying roller+glue feeding roller  +glue doctor roller.

honeycomb core machine


Drying   machine unit& rubber roller driven unit

1. Conveyor roller is 180mm diameter rubber roller as the main driver.

2. Four-sides and up   & down surrounded by insulation cotton (40mm thickness), oven top and   bottom sides with monitoring and cleaning doors.

3.Temperature can be 0-150℃.

honeycomb core machine


Final   gluing machine

1.Gluing system consists: glue applying Roller+ squeezing roller +glue doctor roller, the distance between each roller can be adjusted   through hand wheels and sliders.

2.Glue applying  roller production flow: heater treatment---machining—grinding machine---anilox roller process---finegrinding---polishing---coated with Chrome ---   polishing

honeycomb core machine


Horizontal   cutting unit

1.Knife holder choose ductile cast iron structure, machine frame use 60mm thickness heavy duty   steel plate

2.Production flow: welding frame—heater treatment (whole frame)---machine frame and knife holder frame processed b CNC machine center (one time)--- assemble knife frame on machine frame

3. Knife: German  material, made in Taiwan

4.Knife cutting on  high precise linear guide(ABBA brand,)

honeycomb core machine


Honeycomb   conveyor and collector

1.Belt  conveyor feed the honeycomb into the stacking area.

2.Stacking table height adjusted automatic according to honeycomb stacking height.

3.Max.   stacking height: 1200mm

honeycomb core machineZW1E



1. High Speed Cutting, max. 700 cuts/min. 
2. Quick glue roller change system, 20 minutes to change all gluing rollers     
3. Automatic glue feeding system, no need to watch the glue feeding all the time.
4. Min. 6mm thickness of honeycomb make, to replace the corrugating board.

Technical Data

No. Item HCM-1600 HCM-2000 HCM-2300 HCM-2500
1 Thickness of honeycomb core 6-100mm
2 Width of paper core (before expanding, mm) 1600 2000 2300 2500
3 Honeycomb core cutting speed 0-700 cuts/min.( according to paper and glue quality)
4 Cutting tolerance +-0.1mm  (with ring crush index over 7.0 Nm/g, thickness less than 50mm) ±0.1mm
5 Applicable paper 80-150gsm corrugated paper as core paper
6 Layers of core paper 6 (8 layers can be made according to special order)
7 Cell size 2 cell size, 6-30mm ( max. We can supply 6 different kinds of cell sizes according to special order)
8 Heating drying method electrical heating/Steam Heating/ Hot oil
9 Total Engine power 40KW
10 Electric heating power 30-50KW
11 Installation power 70-90kw 
12 Man power 3 person
13 Layout(mm)  28000X4500X2500mm
14 Weight  25Tons 30tons 32 tons 35 tons
Power supply
Three phases, 380V/50Hz ( different electric environment can be special made according to order)



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