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What are the features of Honeycomb Machine ?
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What are the features of Honeycomb Machine ?

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Honeycomb is made according to the principle of the Honeycomb structure in nature, it is to put the corrugated base paper with adhesive connection into innumerable hollow three-dimensional hexagon, form an integral part of the stress, the paper core, and in the bonding surface on both sides of paper and a new type of sandwich structure of environmental protection and energy saving materials. Today let's look at the features of honeycomb machine.

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The following knowledge points are listed below:

  • The features of the honeycomb

  • Advantages of the honeycomb


 1.The features of the honeycomb

(1) Honeycomb is lightweight, uses few materials and costs little.

The honeycomb sandwich structure has the maximum strength/mass ratio compared with other sheet structures, so the performance/price ratio of the finished products is good, which is the key to the success of honeycomb paper.

(2) Honeycomb has high strength, flat surface and is not easily deformed.

The honeycomb sandwich structure is approximately isotropic, has good structural stability and is not easy to be deformed.

(3) Honeycomb is shock-resistant and highly buffered.

Honeycomb paper is made of flexible paper core and surface paper, with good toughness and resilience, unique honeycomb sandwich structure provides excellent buffer performance, in all the buffer materials have a higher unit volume of energy absorption value, high thickness of honeycomb paper can replace a large number of used EPS plastic foam cushion.

(4) Honeycomb absorbs sound and provides insulation.

The honeycomb sandwich structure is a closed chamber filled with air, so it has                      a good sound insulation performance.

(5) Honeycomb pollution-free, in line with modern environmental trends.

Honeycomb paper is made of recycled paper, which can be recycled 100% after use.In the production process of corrugated carton waste and corner residue can also be die-cut for bonding, made of various shapes of honeycomb corrugated board cushion liner, even if abandoned, but also by nature degradation, absorption, is a good green packaging materials.


2. Advantages of the honeycomb

1) less material consumption, high specific strength and stiffness, light weight.

It has been proved by scientific research that the geometric structure of the honeycomb is just like the structure of the arch bridge, which increases the compressive strength of the surface by 100 times.Honeycomb paperboard adopts honeycomb structure, so also with the least material consumption, the largest volume and the largest strength, stiffness.Under the same condition of paper material consumption, higher than corrugated board, close to EPS (hair polystyrene foam plastics), only a few tens of water.

2) excellent buffering and vibration isolation function

Honeycomb board for the core structure, with excellent buffering and vibration isolation function, close to EPS.

3) good heat insulation and sound insulation performance

The honeycomb hole of the honeycomb core is a closed structure, which is filled with air but not circulated.Therefore has the good heat insulation, the sound insulation performance.

4) the strength and stiffness are easy to adjust

The honeycomb paperboard can obtain different strength and stiffness by changing the thickness and weight of the core paper or by changing the diameter of the honeycomb paperboard and the height of the core column.

5) special process can be carried out to obtain unique functions

Honeycomb paperboard is an all-paper material, which is easy to be treated by special process to obtain special properties such as waterproof, flame retardant, mildew proof, curing and strengthening.This is one of the reasons that honeycomb cardboard can be popularized.

6) no fumigation or quarantine is required for export

Honeycomb paperboard in the production process through infrared drying or microwave drying, equivalent to disinfection and sterilization treatment, so the export without fumigation, quarantine.This can to some extent replace wood for export packaging.

Now that you know the features and advantages of honeycomb, please feel free to contact us if you need a honeycomb machine.

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