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High Efficient Semi-automatic Honeycomb Paper Connecting Machine
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High Efficient Semi-automatic Honeycomb Paper Connecting Machine


Product Description

Easy Operate  Stacking Type Semi-automatic Honeycomb Core Machine for Door

1.1 Product introduction:

This machine is used to apply glue one two layers of paper , cut and stack sheet by sheet and then press the paper block. This is the first step in making honeycomb core, which belongs to semi-automatic honeycomb core production lines. It’s widely used in door and furniture industries. The line speed is up to 25m/min, which is about 5 tons per day.

1.2 Sepcification



Core production type

stacking type core production (Honeycomb block)







Ø  Roll Stand

Ø  Glue   Applicator

Ø  Roller   press & drive unit

Ø  Swing knife

Ø  Delivery

Ø  Glue 2&   Auto Stacker

Ø  Pressing   machine

Ø  Electric   control system

Paper   Roll Stand





Ø  Mechanical type

Ø  Applicable paperwidth*diameter):1600mm*1400mm

Ø  Paper core diameter size:76mm-100mm   all are suitable

Ø  Reel paper lift-lower, clamp,   loosen, movement, contraposition, operated by motorized

Ø  reel strain controlled by manual brakes or   pneumatic brakes.

Ø  Maximum   load1.5tonsone of   each side

Ø  power6kw

Ø  High Speed Stacking machine for Semi-automatic Honeycomb Core Line

Gluing   System

Ø  Spreading   Mode: Gear roller transfer spreading with even glue

Ø  Material:   Iron roller coated with Cr, machined by CNC machine

Ø  Glue   feeding: Stainless steel glue bucket

Ø  Power:   2.2kw

Ø  Weight:   1200kg

High Speed Stacking machine for Semi-automatic Honeycomb Core Line

Roller   press & drive unit


Ø  Consists of four sets of   pulling rollers

Ø  Rubber rollers avoid the   paper slipping while pulling

Ø  Easy adjusting the paper

Ø  Power: 3kw

Ø  Weight: 800kg

 cutting system



Ø  Alloy blade

Ø  Grind every   1 years

Ø  Cut without   decreasing speed

Ø  Cutting   length is controlled by sensor

Ø  Cutting   precision is +-2mm

Ø  Power: 3kw

Ø  Weight:   1500kg

Belt   conveyer

Ø  Make the   paper sheet pass through steadily to the 2nd glue station from   swing knife

Ø  Make   sure  no shift before gluing

Ø  Power:0.75kw

Ø  Weight:   200kg

2nd   Gluing& Stacker

Ø  Apply glue   on bottom of paper, and deliver the paper sheet to stacking table by suction   belts.

Ø  Stacking   table lift/fall automatically according to layers of paper stacking

Ø  Belts can   be adjustable to control the glue lines, keep it straight.

Electric   system

Whole line controlled   by PLC system, each motor speed controlled by A.C Motor drive. Touch screen   set and operate the production.

Paper connecting machine for semi-automatic honeycomb core machine



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