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what are the advantages of the honeycomb paper machine?
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what are the advantages of the honeycomb paper machine?

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Biologists have discovered that the hexagonal nests made by bees are a great work. It consumes the least amount of raw materials and builds a strong honeycomb. Such a structure must be much more powerful than other structures. Due to the sort of multiple walls and a series of continuous honeycomb porous structures that can disperse external forces from multiple sources, the honeycomb structure's resistance to extrusion is enhanced. People were inspired and found that even a very thin material can withstand large external forces as long as it is made into a honeycomb shape.


This article contains the following:

  • What is the honeycomb paper

  • The advantages of honeycomb paper

  • The disadvantages of honeycomb paper


  1. 1.What is the honeycomb paper

Honeycomb paper is made according to the principle of the honeycomb structure in nature. It connects corrugated base paper into an infinite number of hollow three-dimensional regular hexagons with an adhesive bonding method to form an integral force piece-the paper core, and glues the surfaces on both sides. A new type of environmental protection and energy saving material made of paper.


  1. 2.The advantages of honeycomb material

(1) Less material consumption, higher specific strength and specific stiffness, and lighter weight.

Bees consume the least amount of material and build the largest and strongest honeycomb. After scientific research and demonstration, the geometric structure of the honeycomb forms a structure that is similar to an arch bridge as a whole, thereby increasing the compressive strength on the surface by 100 times. The honeycomb paperboard uses a honeycomb structure, so it also consumes the least amount of material and obtains the largest volume and the greatest strength and stiffness. With the same paper consumption, it is higher than corrugated cardboard ..., close to EPS (expandable polystyrene foam), and only a few tenths of water.

(2) Excellent buffer and vibration isolation

The honeycomb paperboard has a core structure and has excellent vibration isolation and isolation functions, which is close to EPS.

(3) Good heat insulation and sound insulation performance

The honeycomb pores of the honeycomb core are closed structures, which are filled with air and cannot communicate with each other. Therefore, it has good heat insulation and sound insulation performance.

(4) Easy adjustment of strength and stiffness

By changing the thickness and weight of the core paper, or changing the hole diameter and core height of the honeycomb core, the honeycomb paperboard can obtain different strength and stiffness.

(5) Special processing can be performed to obtain unique functions

Honeycomb paperboard is an all-paper material, which can be easily processed by special processes to obtain special properties such as water resistance, flame retardancy, mildew resistance, and enhanced curing. This is one of the reasons why honeycomb paperboard can be popularized and applied.

(6) Fumigation is not required for export and quarantine-free

Honeycomb paperboard is dried by infrared or microwave during the production process, which is equivalent to being sterilized. Therefore, fumigation is not required at the exit, and quarantine is not required. This can replace wood to a certain extent for packaging of export products.

(7) Environmentally friendly products

Honeycomb paperboard is pollution-free in the production process, can be recycled, and is easy to be disposed of. Therefore, it can replace EPS as a buffer material.


3.The disadvantages of honeycomb paper

(1) Poor resistance to tearing, folding, and puncture, which limits its application in some areas;

(2) The processing performance is poor, and it cannot be easily made into box-type packaging containers like corrugated cardboard. Even if it can be produced, the degree of automation during production is low;

(3) When printing is performed at the same time, the print ability is poor and cannot meet the needs of modern decoration, which also limits its application in packaging.


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