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Why is honeycomb paperboard a more sustainable option?
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Why is honeycomb paperboard a more sustainable option?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-11-17      Origin: Site


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The surface paper materials of honeycomb cardboard are generally divided into cattle card, vermicelli, and yarn tube, and the core paper is generally divided into high-strength corrugated paper, Powa, and C-level vermicelli. The honeycomb aperture is usually distinguished by the unilateral length of the honeycomb paper core hexagon, which is generally 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, and 14 mm in length.

  • Why is honeycomb paperboard a more sustainable option?

  • Where is the economic benefit of honeycomb paper packaging?

  • How to properly use honeycomb paper for packaging?

Why is honeycomb paperboard a more sustainable option?

Honeycomb paperboard is an eco-friendly alternative to kraft paper, made by joining individual kraft paper strips together to form a continuous loop of hexagonal units. Since it's made from renewable resources like die-cut kraft paper, this means the honeycomb wrap is 100% curbside recyclable and easy to dispose of.

While bubble wrap is also 100% recyclable, the recycling process tends to be more complicated than leaving all the bubble wrap in the recycling bin. Bubble film needs to be recycled at a local recycling facility rather than at home, so more effort and research is required. This means that honeycomb paper packaging is easier to handle when it comes to recycling.

The honeycomb paperboard design is even inspired by nature and resembles the interior of a beehive. Due to its compact design, it uses significantly less space than traditional bubble wrap, which not only saves the cost of storage space, but also reduces the carbon footprint required for shipping. Additionally, honeycomb paperboard uses significantly less paper during its construction. So this is a great invention that helps protect our environment from other sources of pollution.

Where is the economic benefit of honeycomb paper packaging?

Honeycomb paper packaging is a cost-effective solution.

The cellular manufacturing process requires less material than other packaging solutions, which means lower production and purchase costs. For example, our honeycomb paper packaging can store up to 250 meters of paper packaging on a single roll, which means it requires less storage space than traditional bubble wrap. Not only that, but businesses tend to save more than once when choosing honeycomb paper packaging due to lower shipping and handling charges, coupled with reduced storage space.

How to properly use honeycomb paper for packaging?

Honeycomb paper packaging is quick and easy to use. Because the lightweight and flexible honeycomb paper wraps are quick and easy to use, you can protect your products in just three easy steps and pack them efficiently every time.

Step 1: Pull the package apart and place the object on top of the honeycomb paper package

Step 2: Stretch the wrapping paper so that the structure of the paper is vertical. Then wrap the object while maintaining tension.

Step 3: When finished wrapping, tear off the paper to disconnect from the roll. The wrap will keep its shape and protect your object from any external damage.

Wuxi Shenxi Honeycomb Machinery Factory is a honeycomb paper manufacturer established for more than several years. We work with customers from design to completion to ensure that all technical requirements are met.

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Shenxi has over 10 patents in paper honeycomb technologies, and CE certificates for honeycomb and edge board machineries. In the year of 2014, company passed ISO 9001:2008 quality control system.


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