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Where is the use of honeycomb machine?
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Where is the use of honeycomb machine?

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In recent years, China's timber imports have shown an upward trend, second only to oil and steel, showing the lack of timber. Faced with such resource and energy pressures, honeycomb materials are very good alternative materials.Honeycomb composite material is a new type of material with light weight, high strength, buffering, heat insulation and sound insulation functions. Honeycomb composite materials are widely used in the construction industry, furniture manufacturing, packaging and transportation industries, have high economic value and can be recycled.


This article contains the following:

  • Where is the use of honeycomb machine

  • Application in furniture manufacturing

  • Application in product packaging


  1. 1.Where is the use of honeycomb machine

Because of its characteristics of high strength, compression resistance, bending resistance and ultra-light structure, the application field is getting wider and wider. Honeycomb composite materials are mainly used in industries such as environmental protection packaging, lightweight building materials, furniture and ship manufacturing. Since its birth, it has served mankind with its unique structure and has occupied an important position.

2. Application in furniture manufacturing

Honeycomb composite material can be used in various furniture panels, replacing wood. Traditional furniture is made of wood, which will undoubtedly consume huge wood resources, resulting in a decrease in resources. The basic material of the honeycomb structure board based on the honeycomb paper core is compounded with the traditional wooden surface layer on both sides, thereby reducing The amount of wood used. In addition, the honeycomb paper core can also be used for filling the door. Obviously, the use of honeycomb composite materials in the furniture manufacturing industry has greatly reduced the consumption of wood. Moreover, the honeycomb composite board has the advantages of light weight and easy deformation, and is an alternative to wood.

3. Application in product packaging

A. Cushion pad

The honeycomb composite board has good cushioning properties, and can replace EPS foam as a gasket, isolation board, corner pad, and can also be die-cut to position the device.

B. Paper tray

The honeycomb composite board has good flat pressure resistance, so it can be used for upper and lower planks in trays, and can also be used as tray stringers and cushions. Paper pallets are the products that must be used for storage and export of our country's export products.

C. packing box

Can be processed into cardboard boxes like corrugated boxes. Because the honeycomb composite material is thicker than the corrugated board, it is difficult to bend and bind. The paper structure is used to protect the corners of the split structure to form a box for various outer packaging. Has been widely used in electric vehicles, scooters, range hoods, industrial packaging, home appliance packaging, electronics, machinery, power tools, bearings and other heavy packaging.

After ten years of development, the technology of raw materials for honeycomb compartments has been perfected, and the main uses have continued to develop. Because the honeycomb paperboard has high tensile strength in a plan view, the honeycomb paperboard can be used for left and right pallets of the tray, and can also be used as a side beam of the tray or a protective layer cushion.

It is precisely because of the emergence of honeycomb paper trays that it is an epoch-making development trend for the tray manufacturing industry and all its packaging manufacturing industries.

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