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Where is the honeycomb paper machine used?
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Where is the honeycomb paper machine used?

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Honeycomb paperboard has the advantages of light weight, large flat pressing strength and good cushioning performance. It is an environmentally friendly green material, but it also has certain shortcomings. Therefore, you can make use of its advantages and make full use of its advantages by avoiding weaknesses. The application fields of honeycomb paperboard are mainly in the construction industry, packaging and transportation industry, funeral industry and agriculture.


This article contains the following:

n  Funeral application

n  Agricultural applications

n  Construction application

n  Packing and shipping


1.Funeral application

The "hygienic coffin" made of low-cost honeycomb cardboard is suitable for one-time use, safe and hygienic, and completely solves the problems of high cost and unsanitaryness of the "working coffin". At the same time, the "hygienic coffin" adhesive uses non-polluting starch glue, which meets the requirements of non-toxic, odorless and residue during combustion. Once it came out, it received the support of the civil affairs department, the funeral unit and the hospital. At the same time, it resolved the emotional concerns of the deceased's family members, and was especially welcomed by the deceased's family members.

2.Agricultural applications

Single-layer panel and honeycomb paperboard with large honeycomb aperture can be used as agricultural nursery tanks. Indoor breeding with this seedling trough can not only solve the shortage of light, heat, and water resources in agricultural production, but also can prevent seedlings from pests during the growing period, and can be degraded during transplantation, which does not cause environmental pollution like plastic bags .

3.Construction application

Honeycomb paperboard has high strength, light weight, heat insulation and sound insulation, and is especially suitable for making construction, decoration materials and products. Its light weight can reduce the load bearing of the building, so it is especially suitable for high-rise buildings with frame light-plate structure being promoted. At the same time, because of its good heat insulation and sound insulation effects, it can be made into walls, partitions, doors, etc.

Relevant information shows that: wall materials account for about 70% of building materials. The State Construction Commission and others have jointly issued notices that from June 1, 2000, the use of solid clay bricks in construction is banned and new wall materials are actively promoted. This has created conditions for the "honeycomb cardboard-gypsum" composite interior wall market. It has created a good external environment for the application of honeycomb cardboard in construction. In foreign countries, some people have proposed the concept of building a honeycomb wall with hexagonal hollow bricks.

It can be seen that the market potential of honeycomb paperboard and honeycomb technology in construction is huge.

4.Packing and shipping

Honeycomb paperboard used for packaging and transportation not only protects the product, but also reduces transportation costs. The specific applications are as follows:

(1) cushion pads, gussets, etc.

Since the honeycomb paperboard has good cushioning performance, it can also be used as a cushioning cushion and insulation board for packaging like corrugated paperboard, and its honeycomb sandwich structure makes it better than corrugated paperboard.

When using it as a corner pad, it is generally necessary to cut one layer of paper from the core paper according to the size, leaving only the other layer of paper uncut, and relying on this layer of paper to connect several pads on different sides together. , And then cover the corresponding parts of the contents to be protected. Similar to cushioning pads, honeycomb paperboard can also be used as gussets and ribs for transport packages, which is especially suitable for collective packaging. The honeycomb paperboard can also be punched into a die according to the size of the device to position the device.

(2) Paper tray

Because honeycomb paperboard has good flat pressure resistance, it can be used for pallets in the tray, and it can also be used as a longitudinal beam or cushion of the tray. At this time, according to the standard size of the longitudinal beam or cushion, it is processed by combining several layers of thick honeycomb paperboard, that is, the entire tray is made of honeycomb paperboard only.

(3) Packing box

Like corrugated cartons, honeycomb paperboard can be processed into cartons. However, because the honeycomb paperboard is thick and its strength is greatly affected after bending, it will inevitably affect the strength of the honeycomb paperboard box. At the same time, the processing of the honeycomb paperboard box cannot be as convenient and fast as the corrugated paperboard, and it cannot realize automatic production and low production efficiency Therefore, there are certain restrictions. Some small mechanical and electrical products can be used alone or in combination with corrugated cardboard.

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