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What should I notice when operating the honeycomb die cutting machine?
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What should I notice when operating the honeycomb die cutting machine?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-05-27      Origin: Site

Honeycomb paperboard is getting more and more popular now. It is environmentally friendly, recycle, economical and practical. Consequently, the honeycomb die cutting machine, which is used to produce honeycomb paperboard is widely used in many industries now. So how to operate the honeycomb die cutting machine? What should be paid attention to when operating the honeycomb die cutting machine? This article will explain these to you in detail.


Here is the list of the article:

How to operate the honeycomb die cutting machine?

What should be paid attention to when operating the honeycomb die cutting machine?

Tips for using honeycomb die cutting machine

How to operate the honeycomb die cutting machine?

1. Check whether the die cut is the same as the size box.

2. Check whether the product has a mouthful.

3. Choose the bottom template material according to the product quantity, paper type and carton structure.

4. Install the die-cutting board and lock the fastening screws to prevent the die-cutting board from loosening. Make the bottom film board, the thickness of the film is the thickness of the die-cut product paper.

5. Install the bottom membrane plate, clean the surface debris and lock it tightly.

6. Adjust the die-cutting pressure according to the thickness of the paper. When adjusting, the pressure should be gradually increased from light to heavy to 80% penetration, otherwise it will cause equipment damage.

7. Adjust the position of the upper and lower thimble of the ejection unit.

honeycomb die cutting machine

What should be paid attention to when operating the honeycomb die cutting machine?

The correct operation mode and maintenance work of the die cutting machine can effectively extend the service life of the die cutting machine.

1: Correct use of the operation, the staff must be trained on the strict operation of the die-cutting machine before using it, and understand the knowledge of operating safety.

2: Before starting to work, the testing equipment can operate normally, and items cannot be stored on the machine to avoid crushing the machine or affecting its work. Lubricate the machine frequently.

3: When the machine is repaired, adjusted, oiled, maintained and cleaned, it must be in a stopped state, and the safety cover of the equipment must be opened and the lock button pressed down.

4: When folding and installing the template, you must open the protection setting and carefully check that the fixing device is tight and safe.

5: It is strictly forbidden to destroy the safety and protection devices of the equipment. In the use of the die-cutting machine, follow the safety rules for use, and place it in a reasonable position when you stop using it, so as to ensure that the machine is not damaged, but also to protect personal safety problem.

Tips for using honeycomb die cutting machine

1. Before cutting the plastic honeycomb panel on the homepage, mark the place where the honeycomb panel needs to be cut, so that the cutting can be more accurate.

2. Honeycomb panel cutting should use professional honeycomb panel cutting tools, so as to cut honeycomb panels better.

3. The cutter should be adjusted well to ensure that the cutting speed is constant, so that the cutting is relatively straight and will not bend. The important point is to reiterate again, to ensure a uniform cutting speed.

4. After cutting, I need to repair the cut part of the honeycomb panel and remove the burrs.


I hope this article is helpful for you to use the honeycomb die cutting machine, and if you need a honeycomb die cutting machine, please contact us. You can call our sales hotline directly, 0086 13861692012. 

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