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What is the use value of honeycomb paper?
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What is the use value of honeycomb paper?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-01-02      Origin: Site


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The advantage of honeycomb paper is that the material is cheap and lightweight, and the sound insulation effect is good. However, honeycomb paper is a material shape learned by humans from the sealed hexagonal honeycomb according to the inspiration of bionics. It has very good mechanical properties and is a popular filler in the door industry all over the world.

  • What kind of honeycomb paperboard be selected?

  • What materials are needed in the production process of honeycomb paperboard?

  • What is the use value of honeycomb paper?

What kind of honeycomb paperboard be selected?

The surface gloss of honeycomb paperboard. Since kraft is a coarse paper, the production process does not require high gloss on the surface, but it requires smoothness. This can be seen in the honeycomb core paper, which is also the only intermediate honeycomb core paper. The reason for the waves and the septum is that it is rough, and the glue has strong adsorption.

Second, the best way is to weigh. Weight is a hurdle that paper cannot be faked, and it is also the most fundamental.

Third, there is the feel, which is experience. Usually, if you have more contact with the honeycomb paperboard, you can practice a pair of "carton hands". You can only touch, poke, and squeeze more.

What materials are needed in the production process of honeycomb paperboard?

  1. Add dry strength agent, such as modified starch, cationic polyacrylamide, polyvinyl acetate emulsion;

  2. Add wet strength agent, such as polyamide propylene oxide resin (PAE);

  3. Sizing agents, such as water-soluble acrylate polymers. This production process uses waste paper pulp and non-polluting additives to be mixed and molded in a certain proportion, the production process is simple, the production process does not discharge harmful substances, and the waste water is recycled, which almost does not load the environment and meets environmental protection requirements.

What is the use value of honeycomb paper?

With the progress of the times and the continuous development of the economy, the application of honeycomb paper cores is becoming more and more extensive. The honeycomb paper cores are mainly due to the special honeycomb structure, which can save a lot of materials, and improve the performance of the honeycomb composite panels. In the early days of the field, it was widely used in aviation, aerospace and other fields, such as fairings on launch vehicles and structures and components of aviation and space shuttles. In the civil field, honeycomb structure materials are usually made of 99.99% recycled paper, which can make various light panels replace solid wood panels, or be used in lightweight wall panels, building materials and decorative panels used in baffles, and high-strength honeycomb cardboard. It can replace EPS white foam for packaging of home appliances, electromechanical and various industrial products.

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Shenxi has over 10 patents in paper honeycomb technologies, and CE certificates for honeycomb and edge board machineries. In the year of 2014, company passed ISO 9001:2008 quality control system.


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