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What is the use of honeycomb paper in daily life?
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What is the use of honeycomb paper in daily life?

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The paper has a certain flexibility, combined with the hollow honeycomb paper structure, making the honeycomb carton more impact-resistant. Under the action of the impact force, the structure deforms to absorb energy, thereby generating a strong earthquake resistance, which can well protect the goods. The paper is flexible and not easy to break, thus ensuring that the honeycomb carton is not easy to break and leak.

  • How is honeycomb paper flame retardant?

  • What is the use of honeycomb paper in daily life?

  • What are the advantages and basic uses of honeycomb paper packaging?

How is honeycomb paper flame retardant?

The halogen flame retardant is added to the honeycomb paper. The halogen flame retardant mainly inhibits the chain reaction of free radicals in the combustion process by releasing hydrogen halide, so as to achieve the purpose of flame retardant; dilution principle: the flame retardant in the honeycomb paper core flame retardant material. Flame retardants decompose under high temperature combustion to produce a large amount of non-combustible substances, such as water, carbon dioxide, ammonia, etc. These non-flammable substances will dilute the concentration of oxygen and flammable gases below the flammable concentration range to prevent continued combustion. Nitrogen-containing flame retardants and some inorganic flame retardants achieve flame retardant effects due to the principle of dilution.

What is the use of honeycomb paper in daily life?

The inside of the box has the function of supporting the honeycomb paper. There are some gaps between the honeycomb paper and the bottom of the box. It is not necessary to lift the honeycomb paper by hand, or pull out a section of the honeycomb paper for stretching. The honeycomb paper can be stretched directly by pulling out the honeycomb paper, and there is no need to worry that the honeycomb paper will roll and affect the packaging efficiency.

When mailing gifts, you can directly wrap the items with boxed honeycomb paper, and then tie the ribbons. It beautifies the appearance and also has the function of buffering and protection. It is not necessary to use a separate gift paper to wrap it, and then use the buffer packaging to carry out Filling saves steps and consumables on packaging. Boxed honeycomb paper is a good choice for gift shops to pack gifts and flower shops to pack bouquets, and it can replace wrapping paper.

What are the advantages and basic uses of honeycomb paper packaging?

The paper itself is light and soft, and the honeycomb carton board is a hollow honeycomb paper structure, so the specific gravity is smaller and the material is more economical. Under the same volume conditions, the honeycomb paper structure material is 36% of the solid board, and 1 square meter is used. Five-layer corrugated cardboard with a thickness of 5mm can be made into a honeycomb cardboard with a thickness of 10mm and 1.44㎡. The weight of the honeycomb carton is only 2/3 of the weight of the corrugated carton of the same specification, about 1/5 of the wooden box of the same specification, and the specific gravity is small, so the honeycomb carton can greatly reduce the transportation cost.

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