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What is the honeycomb core machine?
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What is the honeycomb core machine?

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Nowadays, the honeycomb core is very popular. The development of the Internet has made a fundamental change in the way consumers receive information. Content that used to be shared through traditional media will now be completed through mobile new media transmission. With the advent of the mobile era, the traditional honeycomb core industry must achieve change and truly promote a complete transformation of the entire industry.


This article contains the following:

  • What is the honeycomb core

  • The working principle of honeycomb core

  • The significance of honeycomb core


  1. 1.What is the honeycomb core

Honeycomb panels are generally divided into two categories, metal and non-metal. Metal honeycomb panels are mainly used in aircraft manufacturing, steam turbine manufacturing, shipbuilding, and transportation industries. Non-metallic honeycomb panels are divided into fiber and paper. Fiber honeycomb panels are mainly used in transportation, interior decoration, and furniture industries; paper honeycomb panels are mainly used in packaging, building materials, and furniture industries. The paper honeycomb board used in the packaging industry, namely honeycomb paperboard, is mainly used to make packaging boxes and transport packaging.

  1. 2.The working principle of honeycomb core

When using honeycomb cores to make packaging materials, building materials or other materials, only the opening can reflect its perfect value. After the honeycomb core is stretched, the honeycomb core holes become the entire honeycomb core composition section. We must understand that if the length of the side of the honeycomb core hole is generally the length of the regular six sides of the honeycomb core. The inner diameter of the honeycomb core is generally the inscribed circle diameter of the regular hexagon of the honeycomb core. The honeycomb core hole distance is generally the distance between the centers of two adjacent honeycomb cores in the stretching direction. The honeycomb core hole diameter ratio generally refers to the ratio of the honeycomb core hole distance to its inner diameter. The thickness of the honeycomb core generally refers to the thickness of the thick honeycomb core strip divided by the cutting machine.

The honeycomb core is made according to the principle of the honeycomb structure in nature. It uses recycled high-strength core paper through bonding, drawing and other processes to connect into numerous hollow three-dimensional regular hexagonal structures to form an integral force piece. Its use is for various sandwich structures such as room doors, lightweight walls, office screen partitions, furniture and packaging cushioning materials. The honeycomb core is light in weight, high in strength, reduced in cost, and easy to transport.


  1. 3.The significance of honeycomb material

First, with the rapid development of China's printing industry and the enhancement of public awareness of environmental protection, traditional organic packaging materials will gradually be replaced by green products such as honeycomb paper, honeycomb cores, honeycomb paperboard, and cardboard boxes.


Second, in the production process of honeycomb paperboard, a new production process using horizontal gluing, longitudinal cutting, and continuous honeycomb cores has emerged. It is necessary to solve the tension change during the feeding process of multi-layer paper and the deviation of the glue application of the rubber strip. Control issues.


Third, in the honeycomb core and honeycomb paperboard production line, the control system cannot be dedicated. At present, tension controllers on the market are mostly used for paper tension control of gravure printing machines. Some controllers have powerful functions, high system accuracy, and are mostly foreign products, which are expensive. Therefore, our fully automatic honeycomb core production line needs to be very researched. honeycomb core production lines include fully automatic honeycomb core production lines and Bafangji honeycomb core production lines. Today, I mainly introduce the production process of the automatic honeycomb core production line. First, paper feeding, six layers of paper feeding structure work together; second, horizontal glue, glued in layers according to the formation of honeycomb strips; third, superimposed processing, the 6 layers of glue Paper pressed together


Fourth, cutting and gluing, according to the thickness requirements of the honeycomb paperboard product, it is cut into 6 layers of paper strips of the same size, and each paper strip after cutting is coated to form a honeycomb strip; Polymerization: The honeycomb paper strips after cutting and gluing are bonded together to form a multilayer honeycomb core.

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