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What is a honeycomb paper expanding machine?
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What is a honeycomb paper expanding machine?

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honeycomb paper expanding machine is used to open the honeycomb core. This kind of honeycomb core is widely used in the furniture industry, construction industry, packaging industry. Honeycomb cores have played such an important role in these industries that only by developing better honeycomb cores can these industries become more prosperous. And honeycomb paper expanding machine is the machine that produces honeycomb paper. Thus, I'd like to expand on the honeycomb paper expanding machine to help you have a better understanding of how honeycomb paper is produced.


Here is the list of the article:

What are the functions of honeycomb paper expanding machines?

Where can honeycomb cores be used to?

How many kinds of honeycomb paper expanding machines are there in our company?

What are the functions of honeycomb paper expanding machines?

Honeycomb paper expanding machines are complementary to paper honeycomb as it stretches the compact (closed shaped) paper honeycomb to an optimal hexagonal cell shape, dries the paper honeycomb and cut it at setting length.

The honeycomb core, which is produced by the honeycomb paper expanding machine, is so strong that it can be used in many industries. Besides, the honeycomb core is a kind of environmentally friendly material.

honeycomb paper expanding machine

Where can honeycomb cores be used to?

As we all know, honeycomb core can be seen anywhere. It has a very wide range of applications. Any solid plank honeycomb structure plate can be used in place of, and cellular materials used by the effective material to be replaced only 2-6%. for example, in the furniture manufacturing and packaging industry, 100 kg of paper honeycomb material can replace 3 to 5 cubic meters of the solid wood plate, or 4 to 6 cubic meters of EPS white foam, obviously, the honeycomb material is a kind of lightweight materials with makings provinces, small energy consumption, not only can save a lot of natural resources such as lumber, also can greatly reduce the environmental pollution in the use of white foam. In fact, the advantages of honeycomb core far more than that, its military advantages are also very obvious.

In civilian areas, honeycomb core is generally made of 100% recycled paper honeycomb structure material, can make all kinds of light panel used to replace real wood plank, or made of lightweight wall panel, baffle plate used in building materials and decoration plate, high strength of honeycomb core can also replace EPS white foam used in home appliance, mechanical and electrical and packaging of various kinds of industrial products.

How many kinds of honeycomb paper expanding machines are there in our company?

There are full automatic honeycomb paper expanding machine, hot sale honeycomb paper core expanding machine, high speed honeycomb paper expanding machine, CE honeycomb paper expanding machine, easy operate honeycomb paper expanding machine, etc.


If you want to know more details about these honeycomb paper expanding machines, welcome to contact us. We will try our best to meet all your demands. Please have faith in our company, we have devoted to inventing efficient honeycomb paper expanding machines for many years. You can call our sales hotline directly, 0086 13861692012. 

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