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What is Process Quality Control at Honeycomb Machine?
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What is Process Quality Control at Honeycomb Machine?

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Paper Honeycomb Core comes in many different shapes such as hexagon, rectangle, reinforcement, etc. Its performance depends on the material, cell shape and size, etc., anisotropic, the shear strength of the regular hexagonal honeycomb core material along the L direction is about twice that of the W direction. Mainly used as aircraft radome, radome, aircraft floor, rudder, etc.

  • What are the classifications of Paper Honeycomb Core?

  • What is Process Quality Control at Honeycomb Machine?

  • How is the Paper Honeycomb Core impregnated and spliced?

What are the classifications of Paper Honeycomb Core?

Paper Honeycomb Core has two classification methods: aramid paper honeycomb (Nomex honeycomb), glass cloth honeycomb, aluminum honeycomb, graphite honeycomb, ordinary paper honeycomb, kraft paper honeycomb, stainless steel honeycomb, plastic honeycomb, cotton honeycomb, etc. There are three commonly used Nomex, glass cloth, aluminum honeycomb; according to the shape of honeycomb cells, it is divided into hexagon, rectangle, square, bell, sine curve and diamond. Double bell-shaped, tubular honeycomb, etc., the longest used is hexagonal honeycomb.

What is Process Quality Control at Honeycomb Machine?

Honeycomb Machine should pay attention to control the width, thickness and parallelism of the glue strips during the gluing process. If the glass cloth runs erratically, the contact pressure of the glue roller to the glass cloth is insufficient or too large, and the viscosity of the glue is too high or too low, it will cause the glue strip to leak or penetrate the glue and affect the honeycomb quality.

The winding of the glass cloth must be tight and consistent, and the plane must be wrinkle-free, so as to keep the rubber strips parallel, reduce misalignment errors, and ensure the regularity of the honeycomb cells.

When the Honeycomb Machine is curing, excessive pressure will cause the glue to penetrate, and the temperature will be too high or the pressure will be too low, which will affect the bonding quality.

How is the Paper Honeycomb Core impregnated and spliced?

Before the pressed honeycomb core material is used in the sandwich structure, it is cut into strips of a certain width according to the required height of the core material with a paper cutter, and then stretched into a honeycomb cell shape and placed in the dipping tank. Impregnate with appropriate concentration of dipping glue for 1-2 minutes. The honeycomb wall material must be impregnated, and multiple impregnations can be used to control a certain bulk density and strength.

After dipping, it can be used for dry molding of sandwich structure after heating and curing on a flat plate or a molding die as required. Core materials impregnated with polyester resin systems can be used directly in sandwich structures (wet-laid) after impregnation and curing.

When manufacturing large-area or special-shaped products, splicing is sometimes required to meet the requirements of the outline size. A small amount of glue can be applied to the splices, fixed with clips (heated or not) to apply pressure, and the glue can be cured.

Wuxi Shenxi Honeycomb Machinery Factory was started by Mr. Zhou Jianxin in the year of 1999 as the sole proprietorship enterprise in Wuxi (120km away from Shanghai). Paper honeycomb and edge board machines were and have been initial and only business since beginning.

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Shenxi has over 10 patents in paper honeycomb technologies, and CE certificates for honeycomb and edge board machineries. In the year of 2014, company passed ISO 9001:2008 quality control system.


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