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What functions does honeycomb board have?
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What functions does honeycomb board have?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-12-23      Origin: Site


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The honeycomb cardboard is made in nature according to the principle of honeycomb structure. It connects corrugated cardboard raw paper to countless hollow three-dimensional regular hexagons by gluing process to form a whole load-bearing partial paper core and glues the two sides of the paper core. A novel environmentally friendly and energy-saving material with paper sandwich structure.

  • Why is honeycomb board a green and environmentally friendly material?

  • What are the material advantages of honeycomb cardboard?

  • What functions does honeycomb board have?

Why is honeycomb board a green and environmentally friendly material?

Honeycomb board is lightweight, less material and inexpensive. Compared to other different panel structures, honeycomb sandwich structure has the greatest strength to weight ratio, so the price-performance ratio of the end products is good, which is the key to the success of honeycomb board. The density of ordinary honeycomb board is about 30 to 50 kg/m, which is 1/3 the density of general corrugated board. The price for ordinary honeycomb board is only 60% wood, 50% steel and 66% heavy seven-layer corrugated board. Due to its light weight, it can bring better economic benefit to users.

What are the material advantages of honeycomb cardboard?

Honeycomb board has the advantages of a high-strength, smooth surface and is not easily deformed during the use process. Since the honeycomb sandwich structure of honeycomb board is approximately isotropic, it has good structural stability and is not easy to deform. The excellent compressive strength and bending strength of honeycomb board are important properties required for carton packaging materials. The front of normal honeycomb board can withstand a pressure of 2-5kg per square centimeter, which corresponds to 5x to 10x of normal corrugated board. The bending strength of normal honeycomb board is 2–5 times higher than that of reinforced corrugated board and 5–30 times higher than that of ordinary corrugated board.

What functions does honeycomb board have?

1. Transport pallets vigorously

Thickened honeycomb board with thick cardboard as surface layer can be processed into a strong pallet, which has light weight and good strength. It can replace the pallet of wood, which is widely used in export packaging industry and domestic transportation industry, and reduce deforestation.

2. Heavy packaging box

Honeycomb board shows great advantages in heavy duty packaging. It can make thick wallpaper, the high-rise corrugated board is not able to replace or partially replace the widely used packaging wood box, replace wood with paper, and save forest resources.

3. Feed cushions

Honeycomb cartons can be made into different shapes by simply cutting, notching and other tools instead of molds. Replacing polystyrene (EPS) foam inserts in the packaging box can not only solve the serious problem of white contamination of plastic foam, but also reduce the volume of packaging containers, reduce packaging materials, and reduce transportation costs.

Now we have successfully carried out honeycomb projects in 27 different countries since 2010. Currently, Shenxi Honeycomb has two professional overseas installation and customer service teams. Good machine quality, excellent communication ability and rich experience in paper honeycomb industry make Shenxi overseas project simple and uncomplicated.

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Shenxi has over 10 patents in paper honeycomb technologies, and CE certificates for honeycomb and edge board machineries. In the year of 2014, company passed ISO 9001:2008 quality control system.


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