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What do you know about honeycomb pallets?
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What do you know about honeycomb pallets?

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Honeycomb pallets are made from recycled and plantation paper – as is typically used for honeycomb paper. All adhesives are water-based and non-toxic. Honeycomb pallets are often used in transport packaging.

What are the structural properties of honeycomb pallets?

What are the main advantages of honeycomb pallets?

What should be considered in the production process of honeycomb pallets?

honeycomb pallet

What are the structural properties of honeycomb pallets?

According to the difference of pallet feet, honeycomb pallets mainly have two kinds of structures: plastic feet and paper tube feet, and can also be customized on request. The panels of honeycomb pallets are mainly in the form of honeycomb cardboard and paper corner protectors. Depending on the pallet size, reinforcing sheets or paper corner protectors can also be mounted on the back of the tray wall. The lower corners of the paper sleeves are also assembled in the same way. Taking into account the cost, mainly the methods of single-sided two-way feed fork and four-way feed fork are used.

What are the main advantages of honeycomb pallets?

(1) Light weight, less material and low cost. Compared to other different sheet metal structures, honeycomb sandwich structure has the greatest strength to mass ratio, so the performance-price ratio of the end products is good, which is the key to the success of honeycomb pallets.

(2) High strength, smooth surface, not easy to deform. The honeycomb-shaped sandwich structure is approximately isotropic, has good structural stability and does not deform easily. Its excellent compression and bending strength are the most important properties that honeycomb pallets require.

(3) Good shock resistance and damping. Honeycomb board is made of flexible paper core and cover paper, which has good toughness and elasticity. The unique honeycomb sandwich structure offers excellent damping performance and has a higher energy absorption value per unit volume among all upholstery materials.

(4) Sound absorption and thermal insulation. The inside of honeycomb sandwich structure is a closed cell filled with air, so honeycomb pallets have good sound insulation and thermal insulation performance.

(5) Eco-friendly honeycomb pallets comply with modern environmental trends and are all made of recyclable paper materials that are recycled and reused after use.

What should be considered in the production process of honeycomb pallets?

In the actual production process of honeycomb pallets, we must pay attention to the following points:

1. First of all, the quality of the honeycomb board should be checked whether the bond strength between the honeycomb core and the cover paper meets the technical requirements, otherwise the shell foot may fall off under the dynamic load.

2. Honeycomb pallets should be made of honeycomb-shaped cardboard with good flatness to avoid warping the carton during transportation and storage, which would affect the adhesive strength.

3. Honeycomb board and paper corners must have an aging time of 6-10min after gluing.

4. After the honeycomb pallets are glued and assembled, the pallet must be pressed for 4 hours to maintain the pressure.

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