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​What convenience can the honeycomb panel slitting machine bring us?
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​What convenience can the honeycomb panel slitting machine bring us?

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In recent years, confronted with resource and energy pressures, honeycomb materials are very good alternative materials. In the future, there will be more and more honeycomb panel processing plants and finished products of honeycomb panel processing enterprises, the demand for honeycomb panel production lines will be more and more.


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What are the advantages of the honeycomb panel slitting machines?

What is the convenience of the honeycomb panel slitting machines?


What are the advantages of the honeycomb panel slitting machines?

The advantages of the honeycomb panel slitting machines are as follows. Simple operation, a person can open a machine or even several machines, avoid waste of human resources, save production costs. Using the human-machine interface control of integrated program setting, data acquisition, the setting is simpler, and more reasonable in that it can be adjusted at any time in the cutting process. Adopt PLC imported from Europe, America and Japan, complete machine electrical, pneumatic parts, seals, bearings and other important or high wear elements to increase the reliability of web slitting machines. Diagonal automatic angle adjustment system, simple and accurate, convenient and direct. Set up the automatic alarm system, once there is a fault, the warning signal will ring, and the fault diagnosis report will be displayed on the human-machine interface, and the operator will pass the fault report.

honeycomb panel slitting machines 

What is the convenience of the honeycomb panel slitting machines?

The honeycomb panel slitting machine is welded by a thick steel plate, which is firm and angle balanced, so that the machine can work stably at high speed. The whole machine is made of chrome plated steel pipe, and each pipe is subject to dynamic balance treatment. Unwinding adopts a 3-inch air expansion unwinding shaft, the maximum unwinding diameter can reach 600mm, equipped with a magnetic powder tension controller and automatic aligning device. The winder adopts 3-inch air expansion reel and magnetic powder tension controller to the winder. The slitting operation is simple, and the maximum winder diameter can reach 600mm. The winder is beautiful and neat. The cutter can use an industrial surgical blade or flat blade (Art blade), and the adjustable cutter is between 18mm-1600mm. Stepless speed change system is used for spindle and round knife, which can be used as high and low speed regulation and positive and negative switching control; electronic speed regulation system, which can adjust the speed of the machine manually, is convenient and simple. Equipped with double-sided diamond grinding system, the service life of the grinding wheel can be up to two years; the blade can be grinded without disassembly to keep sharp for a long time; the best cutting quality can be achieved, and the dust collection capacity is attached to keep the cloth and track clean. The imported precision ball screw and slide rail are used to advance the cutting width in parallel, and the imported AC motor adjustment system is used to adjust and control the cutting speed steplessly, so as to achieve high-precision cutting, and the accuracy can be controlled within 0.1 mm. Equipped with a high-precision deviation correction device system, so as to further ensure the cutting accuracy. Chinese and English operation interface, LCD display, can directly input several kinds of load cutting width and quantity settings, and has manual/automatic conversion function, which makes the operation more simple and convenient. Adopt the design of fast feeding, feeding and blanking can be completed in one action, effectively reducing the amount of labor in production, so as to improve the production efficiency. Automatic counting device, clear at a glance.


Faced with severe pressures on energy, resources and the environment, it is the main task to reduce consumption and environmental disruption as much as possible. The advent of honeycomb material has just alleviated these problems. It’s easy to achieve a conclusion that the convenience that honeycomb panel slitting machines bring to us is greatly important.

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