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What are the characteristics of the honeycomb die cutting machine?
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What are the characteristics of the honeycomb die cutting machine?

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There are more and more applications of honeycomb panels in life, and honeycomb panel die cutting machines also appear. This is a machine that cuts the honeycomb panel into a certain shape by applying a certain pressure on the embossing plate and is commonly used in production activities. Let us understand what are the characteristics of the honeycomb panel die cutting machine.


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Working principle of honeycomb die cutting machine

Develop towards automation and intelligence

High efficiency and less time

Working principle of honeycomb die cutting machine

The working principle of the honeycomb panel die cutting machine is to use a die cutter, etc., to apply a certain pressure through the embossing plate to cut the printed product or cardboard into a certain shape. If the entire printed product is press-cut into a single graphic product, it is called die-cutting; if the steel wire is used to make traces on the printed product or leave a bent groove, it is called indentation; Heated to a certain temperature, hot stamping of patterns or fonts with a three-dimensional effect on the surface of the printed product is called hot stamping; if one substrate is used on another substrate, it is called laminating; the rest except the genuine product is called hot stamping. Waste discharge; the above can be collectively referred to as die-cutting technology.

Develop towards automation and intelligence

The honeycomb board die-cutting machine has data communication between multiple programmable controllers and an LCD intelligent operation display screen, which can realize the man-machine dialogue. At the same time, the optical fiber sensor is used to detect the cursor, which can achieve precise positioning; in addition, digital servo, holographic aluminum foil surface tension control, hot stamping holographic machinery precision manufacturing technology, etc., will continue to be used in the work. In addition to die-cutting, the honeycomb panel die-cutting machine can also hot stamp and automatically remove waste. From paper feeding, die-cutting/hot stamping, to upper and lower bonding/discharging waste, and finally paper receiving/cutting are all automatically completed.

High efficiency and less time

Compared with the previous mechanical equipment, the honeycomb dies cutting machine can greatly save time. This machine can replace the traditional manual development design and proofing, shorten the corresponding development time. Through the honeycomb panel die-cutting machine, we can combine the patterns required by the product design with the die-cutting knife into a die-cutting plate during the cutting process of the honeycomb panel. Under the action of pressure, the printed matter or other ring-packed blanks can be rolled and cut into the desired shape. A molding process that requires shape or cut marks. Honeycomb panel die-cutting machines often have all functions, and one machine has multiple functions.

Now, I think you should clearly understand what are the characteristics of the honeycomb panel die cutting machine. Wuxi Shenxi Honeycomb Machinery Factory produces many high-quality, high-quality honeycomb panel die-cutting machines. If you need to buy it, you can consider buying it from our company. Welcome your purchase.

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