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​What are the benefits of honeycomb panel slitting machines?
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​What are the benefits of honeycomb panel slitting machines?

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-09-03      Origin: Site

In recent years, China's timber imports have shown an upward trend, second only to oil and steel, showing the lack of timber. Faced with such resource and energy pressures, honeycomb materials are very good alternative materials.

A honeycomb panel slitting machine is used to cut the honeycomb panel into the required size, this is the basic machine to convert the honeycomb panel into boxes, pallets and so on. After slitting, small pieces of honeycomb panel is used in packaging and protection of transported goods, filling empty spaces or protecting items from damage.


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What are the features of the honeycomb panel slitting machine?

What are the advantages of the honeycomb panel slitting machines?


What are the features of the honeycomb panel slitting machine?

Before talking about the benefits of honeycomb panel slitting machines, the features of honeycomb panel slitting machines are also of great significance. The honeycomb panel slitting machine is mainly used to cut the honeycomb board into the required size, and can check the product quality. Its main features are as follows:

1. The control mode is divided into two levels: manual and automatic;

2. There are two kinds of coiling methods: surface coiling and center coiling;

3. Automatic tension control is adopted for winding tension, and the control methods include tension feedback control and taper control;

4. There are two kinds of slitting tools, round knife cutting and air knife cutting, with reliable quality and convenient adjustment;

5. The surface center coiling is adopted, and the coiling quality is uniform and stable;

6. Fixed length automatic stop, length automatic meter;

7. With edge cutting device, the edge material is discharged by the fan;

 honeycomb panel slitting machine

What are the advantages of the honeycomb panel slitting machines?

It’s acknowledged that the honeycomb panel slitting machines benefit a lot in producing honeycomb panels. The advantages of the honeycomb panel slitting machines are as follows:

1. Simple operation, a person can open a machine or even several machines, avoid waste of human resources, save production costs.

2. Using the human-machine interface control of integrated program setting, data acquisition, the setting is simpler, and more reasonable is that it can be adjusted at any time in the cutting process.

3. Adopt PLC imported from Europe, America and Japan, complete machine electrical, pneumatic parts, seals, bearings and other important or high wear elements to increase the reliability of web slitting machines.

4. Diagonal automatic angle adjustment system, simple and accurate, convenient and direct.

5. Set up the automatic alarm system, once there is a fault, the warning signal will ring, and the fault diagnosis report will be displayed on the human-machine interface, and the operator will pass the fault report.


With the development of honeycomb panel slitting machines, it makes the progress of producing honeycomb panels more efficiently. Moreover, the research and design of the personalized cutting machine makes the different materials of scoring cutting more detailed in structure. In the next round of international market competition, it provides favorable weapons for making enterprises, and also provides a blue sea for their own enterprises.

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