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What are the advantages of Honeycomb Pallets?
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What are the advantages of Honeycomb Pallets?

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Honeycomb Pallets are widely used in export trade, both by sea and air. Honeycomb Pallets can be made of moisture-proof and waterproof, with little restriction, and can be used in some electronic equipment exports and export trading companies.

What are the advantages of Honeycomb Pallets?

What are some reasons to choose Honeycomb Pallets?

What are the features of Honeycomb Pallets?

Honeycomb Pallets

What are the advantages of Honeycomb Pallets?

Honeycomb Pallets have been gaining traction. From the point of view of material mechanics, the strength of paper is not high, but the vertical strength of Honeycomb Pallets is 75 times higher than that of other aspects. If the paper is cured again, the vertical hardness of each layer of paper can be increased hundreds of times, and these papers can be made into special honeycomb-structured cardboard, which can make thousands of kraft paper standing upright. load weight. In this way, replacing wood with paper and steel with paper has become a reality. The cost, price and weight of paper products are much lower than wood and steel. From the perspective of environmental protection, paper has a wide range of sources and is a renewable resource. After natural degradation in nature, there is no problem of polluting the environment. Therefore, the extensive application of Honeycomb Pallets is the most suitable for the times.

What are some reasons to choose Honeycomb Pallets?

1. Green and environmentally friendly, 100% recyclable. Honeycomb Pallets do not produce waste, do not pollute the environment, meet environmental protection requirements, and can be directly sent to paper mills for recycling after use

2. Clean and hygienic without insects. Honeycomb Pallets do not need fumigation at all, meet market requirements, and can be used directly in pharmaceutical and food industries

3. Flat and smooth. Honeycomb Pallets have no problems that may damage the goods such as broken and iron nails, and maximize the protection of the packaging of the load

4. Sturdy and reliable. Honeycomb Pallets have reasonable load-bearing structure, the maximum load can be up to 3 tons

5. Beautiful and dedicated. Honeycomb Pallets can print company logos, trademarks, advertisements on pallets according to customer requirements to enhance the company's quality image.

What are the features of Honeycomb Pallets?

1. Customs inspection exemption: green environmental protection, all paper materials. Honeycomb Pallets meet international environmental requirements and are 100% recycled.

2. Paper light load: very suitable for air transport. Although Honeycomb Pallets are generally 1kg-8kg, its load is 200kg-3500kg.

3. Easy to operate: Honeycomb Pallets can be forklifted on all sides, which is convenient for operation, improves space utilization, and has no damage caused by iron nail borers.

4. Moisture-proof treatment: Honeycomb Pallets can be moisture-proof according to need

5. The specifications of Honeycomb Pallets can be customized according to customer requirements.

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