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The advantage of honeycomb paperboard application
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The advantage of honeycomb paperboard application

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                                                                               Tadvantage of honeycomb paperboard application


Honeycomb paperboard is a kind of green packing material with high strength, good cushioning and low cost, which is emerging in the world in recent years. Honeycomb paperboard is made from honeycomb machine, and the honeycomb machine includes a honeycomb core machine, honeycomb die cutting machine, honeycomb board machine, etc. Points: according to the structure of honeycomb paperboard can use high structural strength of wood packaging, such as transportation pallet, big heavy wooden box packing, also can use of buffer instead of EPS foamed plastic honeycomb board as cushioning material, the application of transport packaging can form a complementary advantages, greatly improves the bearing force, boxes can be used for large heavy transportation and packaging of the product.At present, honeycomb paperboard has three basic application:


(1) vigorously transport pallets

The thickened honeycomb paperboard with thick paperboard as the surface layer can be made into a powerful pallet, its weight is light, honeycomb paperboard has good transport strength, can replace the pallet made of wood used in export packaging industry and domestic transportation industry, reduce deforestation, protect the ecological environment.


(2) heavy packing boxes

Honeycomb cardboard in heavy packaging shows great advantages, can produce high level corrugated board is not up to the thick wallpaper, to replace or partially replace the use of a large number of packaging wooden boxes, paper instead of wood, save forest resources.

(3) lining cushion

Honeycomb paperboard can be made into different shapes without molds only by simple cutting and indentation tools. It can replace EPS foam liner in the packaging box, which can not only solve the serious problem of white pollution of plastic foam, but also reduce the volume of packaging container, reduce packaging materials and reduce transportation cost.

In short, honeycomb paperboard in the mechanical and electrical industry can be used for packaging heavy mechanical and electrical products, such as: engine, automobile cylinder, motorcycle, high voltage electrical appliances, heavy machine parts;In electronic appliances and instrumentation industry, it can be used for packaging such as computers, air conditioners, refrigerators, picture tubes, TV sets and various electrical products, as well as high-precision instruments and meters and other products;In the building materials industry, honeycomb paperboard is a good material for packing flat glass, sanitary ceramics and sanitary ware, which can greatly reduce the damage rate of fragile items such as glass and ceramics in the transportation process.

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