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Some tips when you buying honeycomb board
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Some tips when you buying honeycomb board

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Talk about the basic matters that should pay attention to when buying honeycomb paperboard:

As the upsurge that household decorates rises gradually, a lot of popular building materials ushered in new round demand peak.Among them, it is worth mentioning that honeycomb product selection, which can be regarded as a wide range of product types today, because its own performance advantages make its own use value has been fully affirmed.For the majority of users in need, we must pay attention to several necessary matters in the selection of this product:

1. Composition of main materials

When choosing this honeycomb paperboard product, we must have a good understanding of the relevant, especially the composition of internal materials. In many cases, some businesses cut corners in order to gain profits, which makes many consumers suffer losses.In addition, the application of these unqualified products has led to serious environmental pollution.You know, this material is mainly used as a substitute for foam products, but this does not mean that all foam products can be replaced by honeycomb cardboard.

2. Understanding of packaging product objects

When using this material as packaging material selection, we should have in-depth understanding, such as ensuring the product type and weight of the object.Only with an in-depth understanding of the wrapper object can we further determine the necessary material selection.

3. Determine the thickness of honeycomb board

This point can play to its performance is also a great relationship, according to the general market rules, common honeycomb cardboard product thickness roughly maintained in the range of 30 mm, which also needs to be noted.

4. Understanding of honeycomb board characteristics

It is mainly aimed at the overall stress intensity and lateral stress intensity and other content, which is also the key to ensure its function.

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