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Is honeycomb paperboard waterproof?
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Is honeycomb paperboard waterproof?

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Honeycomb paperboard is widely used at home and abroad because of its light weight, low price, high strength and recyclability.


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How to waterproof

Why waterproof

How to waterproof

Side and end lap of honeycomb paperboard production line. When installing each steel plate, its edge should be lapped accurately on the previous steel plate and clamped with the previous steel plate until both ends of the steel plate are fixed. A simple and effective method is to clamp the overlapped steel plates with a pair of pliers. In southern China, the honeycomb paperboard production line is generally designed as a single-layer honeycomb paperboard production line. In order to reduce the solar radiation heat into the building, when installing the roof panel, the heat insulation layer can be installed in the roof system. There is a very simple, economical and effective method, that is to lay double-sided reflective foil film on purlin or slat before installing roof steel plate. This method can also be used as steam isolation to reduce condensation.

Why waterproof

To achieve energy conservation and emission reduction and establish a resource-saving, environment-friendly and healthy economic development model in the direction of China's social and economic development. Honeycomb paperboard material is a kind of environmental protection material with low material consumption, low energy consumption, light weight, low price, renewable and easy recycling. At present, Europe, the United States, Israel and other countries and regions are constantly increasing the research on the protection and treatment of honeycomb paperboard. However, the application of honeycomb paperboard is still limited in the field of packaging because it is difficult to solve the water-proof, moisture-proof, fire-resistant, flame retardant and other processing problems of honeycomb paperboard. If the honeycomb paperboard can be effectively and conveniently treated with waterproof and flame retardant, the honeycomb paperboard material will be widely used in the fields of building external wall heat insulation, thermal insulation, interior decoration and furniture production.

Honeycomb paperboard is made according to the principle of honeycomb structure in nature. It is a new type of environmental protection and energy-saving material with sandwich structure, which connects the corrugated base paper into numerous hollow three-dimensional regular hexagons by glue bonding method to form an integral stress part - paper core, and glues the face paper on both sides.

The purpose of waterproof and moisture-proof of honeycomb paperboard packaging box is actually to maintain the compression performance of the box. After the paper is eroded by water, the corrugation will collapse and soften, and the moisture-proof measures greatly reduce the packaging safety.

1. The moisture content of corrugated base paper when entering the factory should be inspected in strict accordance with the standard of gb13023-91.

2. After entering the factory, the storage temperature of corrugated base paper should be controlled at room temperature, and the relative humidity should not be greater than 40%.

3. The storage of corrugated base paper should be stacked vertically, and the ground should be moisture-proof.

4. The storage time of corrugated base paper should not be too long. Controlling the temperature in the production process of honeycomb paperboard is an important condition to directly adjust the moisture content of the corrugated base paper and ensure the gelatinization of adhesive.

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