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How to distinguish the quality of honeycomb core machine?
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How to distinguish the quality of honeycomb core machine?

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Honeycomb core is an important component of one kind of recycling and can be used by the green environmental protection material the honeycomb cardboard, have qualitative light, high strength, stiffness, buffer, heat preservation, heat insulation, sound insulation performance is good, and many other advantages,  After special processing ,honeycomb core can flame retardant, moisture-proof, waterproof,, anti-static, etc., has a good application and development prospects. This article will introduce how to distinguish the quality of honeycomb core machine?

The following knowledge points are listed below:

  • Distinguish methods of honeycomb core

  • Distinguish the quality of honeycomb core by looking at it

  • Distinguish the quality of honeycomb core by weighing

  • Distinguish the quality of honeycomb core by touch

  • Distinguish the quality of honeycomb core by kneading


2019 Honeycomb Paper Core Making Machine

1. Distinguish methods of honeycomb core

There are many kinds of honeycomb cartons, such as honeycomb cartons with brackets, collapsible honeycomb cartons, packaged ones and integral ones.You don't have any experience testing the packaging when presented with a good honeycomb carton, and honeycomb core also has in a variety of forms, so how do you choose between them?How to distinguish the quality of honeycomb core?We will tell you from the following four points.

2. Distinguish the quality of honeycomb core by looking at it

Honeycomb carton surface flatness, because the cowhine surface paper belongs to the coarse paper, the production process on the surface of the gloss is not high, but the requirements of flat, this can be seen in the honeycomb core paper, this is the honeycomb core paper can only do in the middle of the waves and the reason for the separation, rough high tile paper core glue adsorption is stronger.


3. Distinguish the quality of honeycomb core by weighing

Weighing is considered the best way.The number of grams of honeycomb core and tissue, converted to a square of multiple, the weight of honeycomb core can not be false, is the most fundamental. Especially when the honeycomb core price is based on weight. 


4. Distinguish the quality of honeycomb core by touch

Touch the feel of paper and honeycomb core, this is the experience, usually more contact with cardboard, you can practice a pair of "carton hand", this point can only rely on more touch, general quality better honeycomb core, then feel better. Honeycomb height tolerance should be controlled +-0.2mm. this is the International standard in honeycomb business 

5. Distinguish the quality of honeycomb core by pressing

Use the hand to pinch the hardness of the honeycomb core, this is an important parameter of the paper, the hardness of high is not necessarily thick, thick is not necessarily high hardness.It is the good and bad of honeycomb core basically and moisture content high and low. General honeycomb core resistance to pressure, with fingers to pinch, you can also see the way.

Hopefully this article has helped you understand honeycomb core, which now has a wide range of uses and a promising market. Our company manufactures a variety of honeycomb core machines,If you need honeycomb core machine, remember to choose our company. Both honeycomb core machine and the service will satisfy you.

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