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How thick is the honeycomb paperboard?
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How thick is the honeycomb paperboard?

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As a new packaging method, honeycomb paperboard has broad development prospects and market space in China. We are vigorously promoting and building an energy-saving and environment-friendly society, honeycomb paperboard can be said to be in line with the requirements of the country. At the same time, compared with the market share of honeycomb paperboard packaging in most parts of the world and countries, China's advantages are obvious. At present, the concentration of paper packaging has reached 70% in the United States, 90% in Australia, and even more than 50% in Taiwan. However, the concentration of paper packaging in mainland China is only 1.5%. It can be said that China's paper packaging market is still a blank, which is self-evident.


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Index of honeycomb paperboard

By index

The use of honeycomb paperboard field

Index of honeycomb paperboard

The thickness of honeycomb paperboard is 1cm, 1.5cm, 2cm, 3cm, 4cm and 5cm. The common thickness is 1.5cm, 2cm, 3cm. 1 cm thick honeycomb paperboard is generally used as backing plate.

2. Thickness of honeycomb paperboard. This is mainly the single area gram weight of facial paper, which is mainly divided into 230g, 440G and 760g. 230g face paper industry is generally called thin face honeycomb paperboard, 760g face paper industry is generally called thick face honeycomb paperboard. Of course, some factories blur the weight of 440G paper, which is also called thick honeycomb paperboard.

3. Honeycomb aperture of honeycomb paperboard. This is mainly divided into 6 mm and 8 mm sides. The old honeycomb paperboard line can only produce 8mm. New honeycomb paperboard line, can produce 6 mm.

The general thickness of honeycomb paperboard manufacturers is 10, 15, 20, 30, 40 and 50 mm.

Honeycomb paperboard face paper material is generally divided into Niuka, vermicelli, gauze tube, core paper is generally divided into high-strength tile paper, Puwa, C-grade vermicelli.

The honeycomb aperture is usually distinguished by the single side length of the hexagonal honeycomb paper core, which is generally 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 and 14 mm.

The use of honeycomb paperboard field

1. Honeycomb paperboard can be used in the packaging industry

Honeycomb paperboard can be made into honeycomb cartons, paper trays, honeycomb trays and other products. Due to its excellent mechanical properties and absorptive capacity, good formability, low cost and no pollution, honeycomb paper occupies a prominent position in the field of packaging. It can be widely used in precision machine tools, instruments and meters, tools, home appliances, electronic and computer products, automobile parts, glass and other packaging, as well as turnover storage and transportation, It can also be used in food packaging and gap filling during packaging, which is called green packaging box.

2. Honeycomb paperboard can be used in the transportation industry

At present, in the transportation industry, wood products and wood-based panels are mainly used in buses and passenger ships, but the disadvantages are heavy weight, easy to corrode and flammable. In large ships, fire prevention and heat insulation must be done. The performance of the honeycomb paper after fireproof treatment can reach the national fire retardant B1 level, which can be used to make the inner partition, cabin, door, decorative board and deck of vehicles and ships. As a partition buffer board, it is also widely used in transportation.

3. Honeycomb paperboard can be used in the construction industry

The construction industry is the largest use area of honeycomb paperboard, mainly used to process doors, partitions, suspended ceilings, floors, wallboards, wainscots, mobile houses, open office partitions, etc. Honeycomb paperboard door panel has the characteristics of high strength, light weight, good sound insulation, low cost and fast forming speed. After it is introduced to the market, it is welcomed by users and has gradually become an important new type of residential door. In the frame light board building system, Shandong honeycomb paper is widely used in partition walls and enclosure walls, which can greatly improve the effective housing area.

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