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How can we choose a suitable Honeycomb Die Cutting Machine?
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How can we choose a suitable Honeycomb Die Cutting Machine?

Author:Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-09-10      Origin:Site

Honeycomb cardboard is widely used in our life.Honeycomb die cutting machine, which produces honeycomb cardboard, is also a variety of cutting machines. This article will introduce how can we choose a suitable honeycomb die cutting machine.

The following knowledge points are listed below:

Choose the suitable honeycomb die cutting machine according to the requirements of the production line

Choose honeycomb die cutting machine based on quality


As the rise of domestic packaging industry honeycomb industry, in the future market will be more and more honeycomb cardboard to replace corrugated board, and will even replace wood packaging and composite material furniture board and wall board.Because the advantage of honeycomb paperboard has been recognized by the majority of consumers, its characteristics without doubt.In the future, there will be more and more honeycomb paperboard processing plants and finished products of honeycomb paperboard processing enterprises, the demand for honeycomb paperboard production line will be more and more.So do you know how to choose honeycomb die cutting machine?Let's take a look.


1. Choose the suitable honeycomb die cutting machine according to the requirements of the production line

In order to control the dependence of China's honeycomb packaging enterprises on imported equipment, in recent years, China has increased the research and development and innovation efforts in the manufacturing of honeycomb die cutting machine, in line with the market demand, to provide enterprises with more intimate products, so as to truly achieve full automatic, high precision, efficiency, cost-effective honeycomb processing equipment.At the same time, it also solves the problems such as the difficulty in replacing and purchasing the spare parts of the honeycomb equipment, the possible mismatch of spare parts and so on, and may even affect the normal performance of the honeycomb die cutting machine, resulting in new failures or production quality problems.This requires the selection of a suitable honeycomb die cutting machine.

Honeycomb die cutting machine with reasonable performance is selected according to the production line to improve economic benefits and product quality, and reduce the number of replacement of honeycomb die cutting machine parts from the source.In addition, choose reasonable honeycomb paperboard production line suppliers to ensure the quality of spare parts procurement, therefore, honeycomb equipment manufacturers will provide spare parts replacement services.This will ensure that the honeycomb die cutting machine achieves a suitable and durable effect.

Based on the above, honeycomb cardboard production line enterprises should purchase honeycomb die cutting machine scientifically and reasonably according to the actual production situation, and choose high-quality auxiliary parts to ensure that honeycomb die cutting machine is in good production condition at any time.


2. Choose honeycomb die cutting machine based on quality

By redesigning the production process according to the production requirements and leading the quality to the qualified path, honeycomb die cutting machine quality assurance is the life of the honeycomb cardboard enterprise.

(1) gear transmission positioning of variable frequency motor of cutting trolley

(2) the cutting motor adopts high-speed motor, and the cutting board is smooth

(3) linear guide rail is used

(4) mitsubishi servo motor ball screw is used to cut the cart back and forth, running smoothly, convenient for automatic stacking of cardboard

(5) automatic length measurement, PLC, touch screen control, feeding accuracy of 1.5mm

(6) double cutting work at the same time, the distance between friends can be adjusted, improve production efficiency

(7) the blade is driven by special high speed motor and equipped with automatic sharpener

I hope this article has helped you choose a honeycomb die cutting machine, and if you need a honeycomb die cutting machine, please contact us.

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